Mr. Nazmi COŞAR
Chairman of the Board


Ahlatlıbel Mahallesi 1835. Cadde
No: 23 Çankaya Ankara-TÜRKİYE
Tel : (90-312) 473 44 59
Fax : (90-312) 473 44 58
E-mail : info@ledagrup.com


  • Superstructure

    • Housing Complexes

    • Banks and Business Centers

    • Shopping Centers

    • Hotels, Convention Centers

    • Prefabricated Buildings

    • Student Dormitories

    • University Campus

    • School and Sports Complex

    • Hospital

    • Nursery

    • Mosque


  • COŞAR NT Construction Technical Project Import Export Trade and Industry Co., Ltd.

  • ZNC Building Construction Contracting Foreign Trade Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

  • YCA LONDON LTD. Central United Kingdom Ankara Central Branch

  • VENUS Industry and Construction Building Co., Ltd.

  • LEDA INVESTMENTS Limited Liability Company-Podgorica

is a family-owned company established in Ankara in 2005. Since its establishment, it has been progressing by keeping up with the innovations and developing technology in the construction sector. To date, the constructions of approximately 10.000 houses in various regions of Türkiye, Tunceli University campus, 4.300 people dormitory, the border wall of 18.500 mt on the Hatay Reyhanlı (Oğulpınar-Cilvegöz) border line and in addition, the construction of the Shops, Schools, Mosques, Sports Halls, Health Centers, infrastructure and landscaping have been completed. Coşar NT İnşaat Teknik Proje İth. İhr. Tic. ve San. Ltd. Şti., which is a group company, has completed the construction works of 4 kalekol (bastion) and 1 security palace as a subcontractor. In addition, while approximately 6.000 residential construction works continue in Türkiye, works for hotel and residential construction have been started in Montenegro. In this direction, there are approximately 16.000 housing works completed and ongoing within our company. In addition, there is a Facility Safety Certificate for our address where our company carries out its activities.

In summary, LEDA GROUP has accomplished many successful works in order to support the development of the country since the year it started its activities, and has added value to the construction sector with its sustainable and functional projects and continues to do so.

As LEDA GROUP, our mission is to be a company that creates added value on behalf of our employees, customers and Türkiye by playing an active role in the development and international reputation of Türkiye with our solutions, our understanding of service that protects quality and ethical values, the reliability and high business ethics we have gained with this understanding.

To be an model company that exists with its quality, reliability and reputation in all sectors in which we operate, domestic and international markets.

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