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Turkish Contractors Association's new, LEED Platinum certificated headquarters building was planned to set a perfect example of an “integrated design approach”. In this sense, all relevant disciplines were coordinated in demonstrating the level reached by the Turkish construction sector, at the same time encouraging the use of local expertise and materials.

In reflecting TCA's commitment to promote "sustainable construction", the building stands out in innovative use of energy efficiency, natural ventilation and air-conditioning applications. In terms of passive heating and cooling techniques, the building embodies some systems to be used for the first time in Turkey. Energy performance has been optimized through installation of a concrete labyrinth as a third basement, getting use of the most significant feature of typical climatic conditions in Ankara; day and night temperature differences.

Through its sustainable design features, the building contains a number of eco-friendly and energy reducing components that control the amount of energy used for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting. Within this system, such innovative technologies as ground source heating-cooling and night cooling are used.

Although the building possesses a transparent shell, it is surrounded by a second layer of metal mesh, designed through tests of energy modeling. In this regard, solar-sourced excess heating, thus cooling energy needs have been minimized. The central atrium creates a chimney effect, getting use of the principle of hot air rising. Moreover, automatic vent control systems located on the glass roof provide natural ventilation.

Photovoltaic panels and solar panels have been installed on the roof to support the goal of renewable energy. All costs were minimized through adopting such ecological approaches as LED lighting, water saving sanitary ware, rainwater tanks and gray water use. As for landscaping, water efficient endemic plants were preferred in accordance with the holistic design.

The building is comprised of 4.817 m2 office space and 7.138 m2 total construction area. In addition to meeting the needs of a typical office building, it was structured to respond to the special needs of an establishment as active as TCA, welcoming a large number of local and international visitors for various events.

The construction of TCA New Headquarters Building began on 14 August 2012 and was completed in October 2013.

TCA Headquarters is located in Doğukent Boulevard, a developing zone in the Çankaya district which commands views of the valley stretching on the east.

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