Architectural Design Approach

It is the seamless integration of numerous technologies that makes this building innovative: combined together, these design approaches make a high-performance, low-energy building.

The green design guidelines which have been adopted from the earliest stage of the process of design, meant that the materials and suppliers used were, where possible, from locally generated resources.

The building has been designed to adopt and utilize the local climate conditions and resources to optimise the environmental performance of the building.

A thermal mass storage has been created via an underground labyrinth which is placed at the lowest level of the building and an active integrated thermal slab with chilled beams – it is these chilled beams that allow for precise indoor climate control.

The atrium in the center lets the warm air inside the building rise. The automated ventilation windows above the atrium provides natural ventilation In the summer the excess heat is released by these windows, while in the winter it is retained to supplement the heating supply.

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