Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

The building utilizes innovative passive cooling and heating techniques. Taking advantage of the variations between summer day time and night time temperatures, a thermally massive concrete labrynth was placed below the lowest level of the car parks to reduce and minimize the cooling energy demands of the building, while also providing a natural source of heating during winter time, gained from annual average ground temperature conditions.

Through its sustainable design features, the building contains a number of environmentally friendly energy reducing components that decreases the amount of energy needed for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting while providing ideal climatic conditions utilising natural resources. Within this system, such innovative technologies as night time cooling and earth heating-cooling are used.

Photovoltaic panels and solar panels have been installed on the roof to support the goal of renewable energy. All costs were minimized through adopting such as energy efficient lighting automation systems - LED lighting, water saving sanitary ware, rainwater tanks and gray water use. As for landscaping, water efficient endemic plants were preferred in accordance with the holistic design.

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