TCA Professional Code of Ethics



This document defines codes and standards of corporate behaviour and related enforcement principles in construction and contracting sector that are highly competitive, economically productive and sensitive about current and future needs of the society, clients and all stakeholders interrelated in a competitive environment and shall be followed to secure developments cherishing natural, historical and cultural environments.The TCA and its members shall behave in accordance to the general principles of the Professional Code of Ethics in all their activities and services towards individuals and institutions, the society they operate, clients, suppliers, partners and their employees at home and abroad and shall undertake a commitment to widespread these principles.


  1. In accordance with sustainable development goals to define universally accepted professional code of ethics in order to enable the maximization of benefits for the national economy and society and the functioning of the free competition,

  2. In professional life, to contribute to the improvement, settlement and common usage of the professional code of ethics and relations based on mutual trust,

  3. To prevent misbehavior and bad attitudes inappropriate to professional ethics, 

  4. To make effort in order to improve and settle professional code of ethics in the business environment and its own sector,

  5. To spread awareness that compliance with professional ethics will facilitate effective and efficient use of national resources.  



In professional life, the TCA and its members have social responsibilities and behave in accordance with the rules of honesty and righteousness and respectfully treat the rights of all stakeholders whom they have relations with. Within this framework they:

  1. Shall not cause any intentional damages to others by their commercial activities and services and products provided,

  2. Shall not use any confidential information for their own benefits,

  3. Shall not influence decision-making process of other individuals and institutions concerning the activities of the companies, affiliates and other companies they are related to or are part of the Board,

  4. Shall not deceive by spreading misleading information and making false presentations on their own commercial and financial status as well as of the others',

  5. Shall take responsibility for the products and services they provide and take necessary actions to compensate damages caused by the use of these products and services.


Members and their companies shall respect national and universal legal norms in all their activities. Within this framework they:

  1. Shall fulfill all managerial and supervisory responsibilities as set out by the existing Law,

  2. Shall not keep false or inaccurate records and provide false information to the competent authorities,

  3. Shall not take part in illegal or criminal activities. In professional life, they shall not appeal to ways and means that would be contrary to business and social ethics,

  4. Shall not take part in the activities which will lead to unfair competition, distorting the law and internationally accepted principles of honesty. 


The TCA members;

  1. in their relations with employees, shall follow the basic principles which ensure fair, equal, secure and healthy working environment, respect personalities of employees, not force them to commit illegal acts, support their personal development, 

  2. as individuals and organizations, shall not discriminate their employees on the basis of race, colour, religion, political stance, philosophical belief, sect, age, physical disabilities and gender and adhere to all laws and regulations ensuring equal opportunity. Due to these reasons they shall not abuse employees and allow the behaviours or actions that can cause racial, religious or sexual harassment at the workplace,

  3. shall ensure safety and confidentiality of all personal data of the employees,

  4. shall encourage their employees to acquire knowledge and skills that would improve them professionally,

  5. within the limits allowed by the Law and by rules of competition, shall share corporate decisions and information with all demanders,

  6. shall organize corporate events to listen and evaluate recommendations, opinions and complaints of the employees,

  7. shall work to improve, implement and promote professional practices. They shall also support comprehension of unwritten customary professional practices and ethical rules and promote them throughout the country.  


Members of the TCA shall not employ active members of the parliament and government officials in their companies and affiliates they are related to or are the part of the Board, and appoint them to managerial, supervisory or other positions. Government officials working in the company of the member with public partnership is an exception to this rule.

Members of the TCA shall not influence relations of their employees with political parties for their commercial interests and make individual or corporate profit from these relations.  


Members and their companies shall ensure transparency and honesty while getting access to, using and disclosing information in their professional relations and activities.

Within this framework and in compliance with the laws and provisions not to risk their competitiveness, they;

  1. provide demanders with accurate and full information regarding other institutions and organizations they are members of,

  2. provide the public with accurate information concerning company policies and performance and other information concerning their corporate structure and activities in terms of environmental and ethical values,

  3. provide shareholders and investors with reliable and detailed information regularly so as to enable them to make their decisions on the basis of accurate information,

  4. do not disclose confidential information without permission and approval of the clients or business partners or legal obligation to do so. They are responsible for the improper and unfair usage of such information,

  5. do not get private or confidential information by applying  ways and means contrary to the professional and social ethics.


Members and their companies shall not harm natural, cultural and historical values by their activities.  They shall comply with all legal arrangements on environment and sustainable production principles.


Members of the TCA shall guarantee to comply with the ‘Professional Code of Ethics’ as defined above and determined by the General Assembly (TCA Statute Article 6 - Membership Requirements).

Members shall directly apply to the Board of Directors concerning other members acting in conflict with these principles and rules. Any such application accepted by the Board of Directors shall be forwarded to the Board of Ethics.

Board of Ethics shall carry out necessary examination about the concerned member and give final decision (TCA Statute Article 26 - Board of Ethics). 

TCA Professional Code of Ethics (pdf version)

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