What Does Membership Offer?

Turkish Contractors Association is the leading non-governmental organization representing the Turkish construction sector. Throughout its long history dating back to 1952, the Association comprised of the biggest and leading construction companies in Turkey contributes to the improvement of the activities of the Turkish contractors globally.

The advantages of becoming a member of the Turkish Contractors Association can be listed as follows:

  • In order to find solutions for shared problems of the TCA members, the Association contacts the highest competent authorities at home and abroad and mobilizes its lobbying powers through technical support of the working groups or by cooperation with other relevant authorities.

  • In order to increase the market share of its members at home and abroad, the Association conducts continuous promotional events. In this context, it carries out a wide range of activities including lobbying, relations with media, publicity, special presentations, production and distribution of CDs, catalogues, movies and such.

  • With respect to the opportunities and threats both in domestic and international markets, the Association functions as a

  • research-development (R&D) and communication center. Within this context, it delivers to its members through the website,

  • market data on current and expected developments, tender announcements collected from a variety of resources, as well as results of researches conducted in cooperation with scientific and research institutes.

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